About us

Located on the 16th floor of DOJI Tower, Jade Moon is an indispensable facet of this shiny diamond-shaped building in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. This high-class restaurant promises to be a unique five-star culinary destination, enriching the culinary picture of our magnificent capital.

This destination of gourmets also guarantees to offer the best Chinese cuisine, bringing the greatest enjoyment to all ‘foodies’ as well as their family and friends.

Food And Atmosphere

Designed by world-leading Italian architects, Jade Moon’s overall space is the ingenious and sophisticated combination of both Eastern and Western quintessence.

Jade Moon’s dishes are delicately prepared by our ‘master chefs’, using all the ingredients and spices imported from China, aiming to resprent the full and perfect taste of Chinese cuisine. This promises to be a favorite destination for connoisseurs and lovers of culinary culture.

Message From Director

Jade Moon aims to bring culinary experiences unprecedented in Vietnam to all lovers of culinary cultures in general and of Chinese cuisine in particular. At Jade Moon, cuisine has been upgraded to a highly artistic level, ensuring a memorable time whenever you have your meal here. This is thanks to the combination of exquisite decor and dishes representing authentic Chinese cuisine style prepared by top Chinese chefs.


I always choose Jade Moon as a place to treat distinguished guests, especially guests from overseas. European guests visiting Asia often prefer to experience Asian cuisines. However, finding a place to serve Asian dishes which is luxurious enough, classy enough, stylish enough but located in the center of Hanoi is completely unavailable. Coming to Jade Moon, my guests not only have the perfect experience of fine food but also experience the unique layout and architecture of the restaurant.

Ngoc Ha
Agency Account

The harmonious combination of colors, unique and classy… this ​partly brought me back to Jade Moon. The rest is because Jade Moon gives me a very “authentic” food feel, whether they are dishes like Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, or Shunde Fish Salad. However, what I like most about Jade Moon is for any dishes I am explained and introduce its origin. I also recommend the restaurant to many friends and they all share my opinion about the quality and service.

Duy Thanh
Fashion Editor

I really like Chinese food, but I just want to have authentic Chinese food so that I can experience all the interesting things of the world’s top cuisine. People still have the saying: “Have Chinese food, Live in Western house …” However, it is very difficult to find yourself a suitable address to have full and perfect cuisine experience – I mean not only for the taste, but also for the smell and even for the visual. But I think, at last, I’ve got what I want when having meal in Jade Moon.

Duong Anh
Food Critic

“Delicious, tasty and unique food, luxurious space, great service,” my friends who came to Hanoi after being invited to dine in Jade Moon also shared this idea. Staff almost understand the customer’s wishes, all my wishes are met immediately

Chi Mai
English Teacher